The three technocrats who have visualised the crtical need for surface mount packaging products to serve growing electronic industries across the country, have joined together to form a company known as SUPER MOUNT PACK PVT. LTD.


Carrier Tape is reliable means of protecting and transporting Electrical / Electronic devices. It is convenient for precisely delivering them to assembly point.

The method of presenting devices to pick and place machines for automatic placement on to Printed Circuit
Board (PCB) is universally accepted norms.

We manufacture Embossed Carrier tapes from 12mm to 56mm & Pocket depth upto 18mm

Thickness (mm)
Hi impact p/s
0.3 ,0.35 ,0.4 & 0.5
0.3 ,0.4 & 0.5
Cover tape is used to seal the devices in the pockets and it is applied over carrier tape. Tape adhesive is of pressure sensitive (PSA) or heat activated (HAA).

Anti-static cover tape may be needed to complete ESD protection which depends ons the nature of the device being packed.

H.S.A Standard Couver Tape Sizes
        P.S.A Standard Cover Tape Sizes
Cover Taoe Sizes (mm)    Length ( Meters)
  Cover Taoe Sizes (mm)    Length ( Meters)
              5.40 to 81.5           300
             5.40 to 81.5           300

Anti-static plastic reels are EIA compatible, injection molded reels, available in a variety of widths, which can
help to protect components packaged in Super Mount Pack carrier tapes.

Reel Size
Hub size
Width (mm)
12, 16, 24, & 32
44 & 56

We can provide following services on jobwork basis.

  • Standard Tape & Reel  for all components.
  • DRY-Pack
  • Vacuum Pack
  • De-tapping
  • Kitting of Components
  • Component Inspection
  • IC Orientation
  • Pin(bend leads) Co-planetory problems
  • Date Codes
  • Proper labeling
  • Quality Conformation.
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